Top FAQs
Check that your time zone settings are set to update automatically
I want to call friends and family abroad.
How to add money to my YupiCall account?
I need a way for my family abroad to call me without breaking the bank.
Can I make a call to any country in the world?
I want to have a way for all my family to call one relative abroad.
Do I need to buy a local SIM Card to use YupiCall?.
Can I use YupiCall while traveling abroad?
How to transfer Electronic Balance to Call Balance?
Making money with YupiCall
How to transfer my YupiCall Electronic Balance to my Paypal account?
How do you enjoy VoIP rates without the Internet?
Is there any monthly fee?
Will my local minutes be used when I make calls using YupiCall?
Will the person I am calling see my phone number as the caller ID?
Do my friends or family also need to have a YupiCall account?
Is YupiCall cheaper than Skype?
How can I use YupiCall from my Hotel Room?
Will I pay extra when I am roaming?
Will the person I am calling be charged for an incoming call?
How-to guides
Quick Start Guide - United States - English.pdf
Guía Rápida - United States - Español.pdf
Guía Rápida - Mexico - Español.pdf
Коротка інструкція користування - Україна - Український.pdf
Guide de démarrage rapide - France - Français.pdf
Kurzbeschreibung - Deutschland - Deutsch.pdf
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