Top FAQs
Check that your time zone settings are set to update automatically
How to add money to my YupiCall account?
Can I make a call to any country in the world?
Do I need to buy a local SIM Card to use YupiCall?.
I want to call friends and family abroad.
How to transfer Electronic Balance to Call Balance?
Can I use YupiCall while traveling abroad?
How to transfer my YupiCall Electronic Balance to my Paypal account?
Making money with YupiCall
I need a way for my family abroad to call me without breaking the bank.
How do you enjoy VoIP rates without the Internet?
Is there any monthly fee?
I want to have a way for all my family to call one relative abroad.
Will my local minutes be used when I make calls using YupiCall?
Do my friends or family also need to have a YupiCall account?
Will the person I am calling see my phone number as the caller ID?
Is YupiCall cheaper than Skype?
How can I use YupiCall from my Hotel Room?
Will I pay extra when I am roaming?
Will the person I am calling be charged for an incoming call?
How-to guides
Quick Start Guide - United States - English.pdf
Guía Rápida - United States - Español.pdf
Guía Rápida - Mexico - Español.pdf
Коротка інструкція користування - Україна - Український.pdf
Guide de démarrage rapide - France - Français.pdf
Kurzbeschreibung - Deutschland - Deutsch.pdf
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