YupiCall is an international calling service that enables you to connect with friends and family abroad
using a mobile phone; YupiCall doesn't require an Internet connection,
works with or without a smartphone, and doesn't use your cellular minutes.
Without Internet
for Mobile
With YupiCall you don’t need an internet connection to make high quality international phone calls, call anywhere in the world without paying outrageous roaming fees.
Without using your minutes
for Business
Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support,..
Get big calling features for your small business, without breaking the bank. Forward calls when you want, get voicemails via email and more!
Without an App
for Home
Enjoy unlimited phone calls in United States and more than 30 countries more. Enjoy your first month free, all calls to landlines, home phones or call business phone numbers are included.

30-day unlimited calling service, call to over 50 countries, including mobile phones in more than 25 destinations. Life and work on separate lines. With a second line on your mobile phone, keep your work and personal calls separate. Call your loved one living abroad as if you two were in the same city. Start in a snap, set up in seconds. Receive all the phone calls the same way you do at home without paying outrageous roaming fees.
Internet-free international calling
When you use YupiCall for first time, we’ll give you about 30 Min of free calling to our most popular destinations, so you can try it risk free.
After that you will be enjoying the best rates for international calls.
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